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  • Flip Book


    Introducing the revolutionary PRO X Live Console and NEUTRON Audio System Engine.

  • Flip Book

    The PRO X Brochure

    Read the PRO X brochure to learn why this console will change the industry, again.

  • Nothing Comes Close to MIDAS

    “Nothing Comes Close to MIDAS”

    “Big” Mick Hughes, one of the world’s most accomplished Live Sound Engineer speaks about the new PRO X.

  • Technical Support Expands For EMEA

    Experience M32

    The M32 is a future classic, designed with passion and technical excellence. Read the M32 brochure to learn how it all begun and why the M32 is so special.

  • Klark Teknik DN9620 AES50 Extender

    The MIDAS PRO Fader

    Learn more about the MIDAS PRO Fader, rated for 1 million life cycles.

  • A little bit about our history...

    M32 Highlights

    The M32 is your Mind-To-Sound Interface. Check the brochure and learn more.

  • Generation 2.1 Software Previewed

    Generation 2.3 Firmware Released

    UK – MIDAS are delighted to announce that Generation 2.3 Firmware for their entire range of digital consoles has been released. It can be downloaded from the product pages.

  • New Distributor For India

    New Las Vegas Training Dates

    MIDAS announces new training schedules for our CMDSE and CMDU trainings in our Las Vegas training center. Since space is limited, you better sign up now.

  • A little bit about our history...

    40 Years of Incredible MIDAS History...

    Ever since its formation in 1970, Midas has had a long history of innovation and leadership in the world of audio mixing consoles.

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