In this episode of the Midas HD96 On Tour series, we head to Hamburg in Germany, where we had the pleasure of speaking with Eddie Mapp and Jerrell Evans, Front of House Engineer and Monitor Engineer for American heavy metal band Pantera. Known as one of the most influential metal bands to date, they formed in the 1980s debuting their signature sound with “Cowboys from Hell” and throughout the decades that followed, they ascended to the top of the music world with gold and platinum albums as well as sold out arena tours. 

Eddie Mapp has done a ton of work in the live music industry, from being a studio engineer to running live sound as the FOH mixer for Evanescence and even working with Korn at festivals. Jerrell Evans has over 30 years of experience in the live industry working as a FOH, Monitor and Systems Engineer and even being a Monitor Technician and Stage Manager, having worked with legendary rock bands such as Metallica. 

Combined, they have a huge wealth of knowledge and talent. Watch the interview with them to hear more about their careers, their technical setups and of course, their love for the HD96!