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Performance Systems

MIDAS digital and analogue consoles are the choice for prestigious installations, major touring artistes, theatres and concert venues the world over, including many unique, high profile international events where compromise is not an option.

Live Performance Consoles

MIDAS Live Performance Systems employ state-of-the-art technologies, offering exemplary sample-synchronised world-class audio performance, interpolated control functions and intuitive navigation.

I/O Units

With MIDAS’ network approach to digital audio mixing the number and configuration of I/Os can be easily expanded for complex applications or streamlined for less demanding duties with a choice from a range of modular and fixed I/O units.

Audio System Engines

The powerhouse at the centre of the PRO X system is the new NEUTRON High Performance Audio System Engine. With 192 bidirectional channels and a 96 kHz sample rate, NEUTRON is extremely powerful, fully expandable and capable of routing up to 800 audio path.

Analogue Mixing Consoles

The VENICE U and VENICE F audio mixing consoles continue the analogue legacy established by the groundbreaking XL3 and XL4 consoles and the industry-leading Heritage series.

Signal Processing

Now everyone can benefit from having the world’s best loved live sound mic preamps at the top of their signal path with the MIDAS XL48, which packs eight MIDAS XL4 mic pres into a 1U box.


There are a number of products from MIDAS sister company KLARK TEKNIK that have been designed to expand the scope and functionality of MIDAS’ already impressive digital audio network. This includes products ranging from a dedicated audio recorder to an audio network bridge.